You will never guess why girls have sex with you

I’m not in the mood for some serious posting today so I decided to tell you about a girl I met two month ago.

It was a sunny summer day, I rode my motorbike all day. I was alone, nowhere to be, nowhere to go. I ended up in a small town I never knew existed. There was some sort of local event, I decided to stop. I found a nearby hotel to spend the night. I didn’t plan my ride that day, I just took off in the morning and had nothing with me, so after I took a shower I put back on the same shirt, jeans and leather boots I was already wearing. By the way, picture me with a full beard.

I headed to the town center to grab something to eat, drink a couple of beer, relax and maybe hit on some local girls. People were friendly, and soon I fell in love with a locally brewed beer. I headed out very early that night and there weren’t many young girls around, but I didn’t care, I was having a really good time. Long story short it wasn’t even midnight and I was already wasted.

I was ready to call it a night and head back to my hotel room when a pretty young lady stopped me. She was in her early twenties, a fit body, long black hairs a very symmetric face and a really cute nose but at the time I was too wasted to notice any of this. Spoiler alert: I met her again a month later and only then realized how beautiful she really was. She stopped me to tell me she noticed me earlier in the evening and asked why I had some leather gloves hanging from my back pocket. I often wear them when I ride a motorbike.

We started a conversation I barely remember. What I know is… I didn’t treat her well, I know this because it is my default reaction. I’m a nice guy, but girls usually reward me with sex when I’m mean to them. I’m no better than Pavlov’s dog, I respond to conditioning.

That night she tried to test me a couple of times. The first time I was still drunk enough to barely notice her behavior, she gave her attention to a couple of guys that were trying to hit on her. Her message to me was: “you are not special”. I didn’t react because my head was spinning. She soon got bored and got back to me. We spent another hour having fun.

I kept teasing her, and after I told her she was a stupid girl for studying sociology, a worthless topic, she faked to be upset turned around and met some guy. That poor guy, he thought that trying to keep me in the conversation was a good thing, I took advantage of it and forced him to buy me, her and another nearby girl I did not know drinks. Then I left them alone and introduced myself to a blond friend of the girl I was talking to earlier.

The new girl was smart, fun, a little shy and we had a lot in common. We were having a genuine good time. We did not kiss but we had a lot of physical contact. The previous girl noticed it, chased the poor guy away and she tried to get my attention back, I made her wait. Only when her friend went to the toilet I allowed her back.

The night went on, I had not kissed her yet but I did tease her a couple of times. I go in very close to her lips pausing there for a second and then moving my mouth away. If you have never tried it, you should, it’s very powerful because they are not used to it and are anticipating the kiss.

When I told her she had to follow me to my room she did. If you are taking notes please notice that I did not ask if she wanted to come, I told her she had to. Back at the hotel we barely made it to my room, none of us could resist any longer.

A night of passion. No sleep, a shower, I left her at a nearby bus stop, she wasn’t a local either, and I was back on the saddle again. We exchanged numbers and we texted that night because she was worried about me riding my bike after a night of alcohol, sex and no sleep.

She texted me again a month later. We decided to meet. She recognised me as soon as she saw me, I recognised her only when she started waving and smiling at me, she was so beautiful I could not believe she was her. Once again, we had a great time. Then, during some pillow talk, she confessed what attracted her to me: “You look like a rapist.”

I guess it’s good to know that even if my life takes a wrong turn I can still get laid.