Ride. Life is good on a motorbike

Life is good on a motorbike.

As a man you owe it to yourself to ride a motorbike at least once in your life. Until you do you will never fully understand what I’m about to tell you.

Warning: chance is good that once you start to ride you will never want to stop.

Riding a motorbike is first and foremost about you. You are alone with yourself. It’s you, your thoughts and the road. You are in a state of isolation, calmness and heightened attention. Every sensation is amplified by this powerful combination.

With your new found point of view everything around you will gain a new perspective. The road you used to drive on in your cage will never be the same once you are ridding on a saddle.

It’s an all new mix of colours, shapes and smells. If you ride with an open face helmet it’s unbelievable how many different odours you will be able to perceive. You cannot experience this when you are boxed in a car.

Riding is about the journey not the destination. If you need to go somewhere you will always end up choosing the longest road. When you stop you are always left with a grin on your face, no matter what the weather was.

Among bikers there is a saying that goes like this:

You never see motorcycles parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office.

If you ride you will know that the saying is true. There are no worries that a good ride can’t help you with. You will be happy. Your life is good on a motorbike. You will enjoy yourself, you will learn to be alone with your thoughts, nothing is there to distract you.

You are in a quest to become a better man, learn to ride, leave on a ride to nowhere and your life will change forever.