On beards and girls: Do girls like bearded men?

I’m a bearded man. Like a lion mane an awesome beard will inspire fear and reverence. A manly beard is a big “Fuck you!” to today androgynous and testosterone depleted society.

Awesome beard. Do girls like bearded men?

Do girls like beards?

The short answer is no. If asked, most of them will tell you that you were better looking when you used to shave on a daily basis.

Should this stop you from growing a beard?

No. First, who cares, your face, your choice. Second, never listen to what a woman says to you. The most useful thing you need to learn about women is:

Never listen to a woman, observe her actions instead.

Let’s try again.

Do girls like bearded men?

Yes, they do. Almost every girl who knew me from a time when I used to shave has told me: “I don’t like your beard.”, “You were hotter without.”, “Shave, or I will never have sex with you again.”,… Wanna guess what?

Exactly. The fact that they told me to shave did not stop them from sleeping with yours truly. Full disclosure: there is one girl, who I would like to fuck again, that is resisting but she has some much better reasons to avoid sex with me.

A girl resisted my bearded me for almost two years. When she finally cave in she still hated my beard. She told me that the fact that I was so confident and aplomb, despite people constantly telling me to shave, was driving her sexually crazy. Girls.

New girls usually like my beard. I don’t keep statistics but I don’t believe numbers have changed, at least not enough for me to start counting girls, or shave.

Looks matter less than most men believe. Girls are much more attracted to your attitude and manly behaviour.

  • http://www.pillscout.com/ Pill Scout

    Girls “hate” beards because I think they somehow exude pure masculine virility. They are simultaneously terrified and compelled by them, just like men and breasts.

    In seriousness, I notice that when I grow out my facial hair, somewhere between 1 to 2 weeks after my last shave, girls can’t help but make eye contact with me. My current gal has suggested that I grow my beard out, but I actually just shave it every couple of weeks and let it grow back in the interim, my facial hair unfortunately is more sparse than I’d like.

    Neat site BTW, this is my first time visiting here.

    • http://virviri.com/ Robert K.

      Welcome Pill Scout and thank you.

      You are correct, girls responded very well when I did not shave for a week or two. It’s only later in the growth process that they start to speak against it.

      I believe that for most of them is just another way to test us. They know that if they get us to shave they really are in control. At that point, if we do shave, she will lose interest in us.