Commit to your aspirations and fulfill your life

Are you sill sucking your pacifier? Fulfill your life.

I’m looking at you, you 9 to 5 slave, wasting your life away. Your perfect Facebook life has become your pacifier. You dream of greatness and you never act. You never had to stand up for yourself and fight.

As a man you are wired to fulfill your life. One day you even felt the spark, a desire to act, to better yourself. It lasted a second, an hour, you were pumped up and it lasted a few days, then you lost it.

You probably realized that it would have taken some real effort to achieve. You are scared of failure, you prefer to stand still so that you can tell yourself that you are not achieving only because you are not trying, you like the illusion. As a child you were told you were special and you could be an astronaut if only you wanted, you believed that bullshit. You still believe you could be an astronaut if only you wanted. You are a dreamer.

Dreaming gets you nowhere. For dreamers like you life just happens, you never tried to take control. You are just another sheep in the flock. You could be a vir but you choose to be an ovis.

Fuck your dreams. Turn those dreams into a plan, have a purpose in life and commit to it.

Make yourself accountable. Next time you feel the spark, take action, nurture the flame. Come here and let us know how motivated you really are, we will make sure you follow up on your life goals and will shame you if you don’t.

To be successful you will have to suffer first, there is no way around it, life is not a movie.
Commit to your aspirations, work hard, fight throughout the difficulties and fulfil your life. If you are not in pain you are not doing it right.

Stop being an ovis and join us viri.

My name is Robert. I was an ovis just five years ago.

  • Vir (genitive viri) is the latin noun for man and hero.
  • Ovis (genitive ovis) is the latin noun for sheep.
  • All__fun

    I want to take control of my life….

    • Robert K.

      Start now.