The other direction

Sometime I just vanish. You might have noticed the lack of post in the last couple of weeks but disappearing is something I do in real life. We could call it an unplanned vacation.

I was stuck in rush hour traffic, I have had a client meeting and I was driving my car home, the traffic in the other direction was flowing, then it hit me. I turned the car around and started driving. Ten days later I was back home. Continue reading…  

Tame your inbox

I often urge you to become a better person and live a better life. You want to act but it looks like a tedious effort and you end up not even trying. Often the only thing you need is a small change to get you started, small changes can generate a positive ripple effect. What I want you to do today will take you a couple of minutes, half an hour at most, and you will benefit from it every day for a long time. This is a small change that doesn’t even need to become a habit in order to be effective.

Mail notifications are annoying, they scream for your attention. When you are working they are distracting, you lose focus and they become just another way for you to procrastinate.

Tame your inbox: check me now.

Once you see a notification you are compelled to check what the mail is about, even if you said you wouldn’t, you do. When you are in a stressful situation they can even become depressing, if only for a second your brain get’s scared fearing the announcement of a new problem.

The goal is to tame your inbox and minimise the times the little bastard unread count screams at you. Continue reading…  

Social Networks are making me sick

Anti Social Network: Social Networks are making me sick.

I always avoided social networks. I saw them as a waste of my time and a place for people to live a fake life and depress.

I rose more than a few eyebrows every time I announced I had no Facebook account. My go-to explanation was:

If I’m no longer friend with someone I met in kindergarten, there is probably a reason, I don’t need to befriend them on Facebook. I manage to meet everybody I like in real life.

When I started this blog I felt compelled to become more social. I saw social networks as complimentary to the blog. I opened an account with most of the main provider: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and many more. Continue reading…  

How to stop yourself from buying stuff you don’t need

Sale! How to stop yourself from buying stuff you don't need.

If you are a young men in today’s society, chance is good that you overvalue stuff. You need to have the last electronic gadget, the last video game, the last fashionable jacket. Ask an older men and he will disagree with you.

Older men are not naturally immune, shiny new stuff appeal to them just like they appeal to most of us. Their strength is in the ability to better estimate the real value of those things. Continue reading…  

Ride. Life is good on a motorbike

Life is good on a motorbike.

As a man you owe it to yourself to ride a motorbike at least once in your life. Until you do you will never fully understand what I’m about to tell you.

Warning: chance is good that once you start to ride you will never want to stop.

Riding a motorbike is first and foremost about you. You are alone with yourself. It’s you, your thoughts and the road. You are in a state of isolation, calmness and heightened attention. Every sensation is amplified by this powerful combination. Continue reading…